Trio show: Sat, May 20 at In Bocca Al Lupo in Glover Park (7:00 to 10:00)

The great people behind the Chevy Chase Italian favorite I'm Eddie Cano, have opened a great new restaurant in Glover Park, not far from the National Cathedral.  As you can see from this article, they are serious about their Roman-style pizza.  In addition to pizza, there's a wide range of Italian specialties, and a few of the neighborhood favorites have been brought down from Chevy Chase (like the addictive fried zucchini).  Best of all, they have built a little stage, and they are now hosting local music!  
            Unfortunately, Andrew sliced his first finger on his left hand while building a new bass, and that finger is pretty essential for playing upright bass.  So he's on the temporary disabled list.  So we'll be playing this Saturday as a trio with Aura singing, Lou on Guitar, and Franklin on trumpet.  We'll play two sets starting around 7:00 and 8:30ish.  So make reservations for 15 to 30 minutes before one of these two sets to ensure you are settled before the music starts.  And be sure to ask to sit near the band so you are in the front part of the restaurant with good sight lines.  See you there! 

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