Sunday March 21 at 4:00: Back on the front Porch! 

It looks like we'll be having another good Sunday afternoon: Sunny, low 60s, and no wind to blow everything off my music stand.  So we want to get out and play!  We’ll be back in our usual spot on the 5700 block of 33rd St.     

We’ll be starting at 4:00 PM.  It should be around 63 degrees.  

This time it will just be Lou and Aura, plus any neighborhood special guest brave enough to make some noise with us.  We'll be trying to get the full band out some other time soon.

See you Sunday I hope. 

Sunday December 13 at 12:00: Back on the Front Porch! 

It looks like we’re in for an unseasonably warm weekend, so Aura and I want to get out and play!  We’ll be back playing on the 5700 block of 33rd St.  I think the address is 5709 33rd St. NW.   

We’ll be starting at 12:00 PM.  It should be around 60 degrees, so I’m hoping my hands can go for at least 60 minutes.  If all feels good, we’ll go longer.    

Andrew will be joining us on bass, and there’s always the chance that a neighborhood special guest or two might show up.  

We’ll be playing a lot of the songs on our “seasonal” list, so you can expect some Christmassy stuff.  And Aura has promised to let me play Week 52, which is a big annual moment for me.  (If you want to get into the Week 52 spirit, you can find a living room recording buried deep on this website…) 

Bring your masks obviously.  See you Sunday I hope. 

Saturday Oct 24 at 4:00: Full Quartet on the front porch!  

Hi friends, Big news here in Bruland: We’ve managed to gather our full band for Saturday.  Andrew will be here on bass, and the elusive Mike Metzger will be joining on drums.  I’ve loved our weekly little duo performances, but it’s a rare treat these days to get the whole band together. 

This will be Saturday, not Sunday (we selected Saturday this time for the weather).  We’ll start at 4:00, and we’ll be playing in our usual location on the 5700 block of 33rd St. 

Aura’s leaving town for much of November, and after that, winter might keep us from outdoor music.  So this might be our last chance for this kind of thing for quite a while.  Come join us if you can. 

Out on the front porch: Sunday Oct 18 at 4:00 

After a few weeks off, Aura and Lou will be back for another front porch show on the 5700 block of 33rd St. at 4:00.  It looks like we'll have perfect fall weather, so bring your masks and beach chairs and come out to join us.  

If you have any requests, send them via this website, and we'll try to be ready. 

Back on the Front Porch: 3:30 on Sunday, Sept 20! 

After some time off for late summer wandering, we're trying to get back to our Sunday on the Porch performance schedule.  Last Sunday, we were so thankful for the way the neighborhood welcomed us back, so we'll try to do it most weeks if we can.  This Sunday, we'll be starting at 3:30 (a little earlier than usual) because Lou has places to be afterword.  

As always, you can count on Aura and Lou to be there.  Andrew seems to join us most of the time, and Mike might pop up again soon (like he did for the August 5 livestream).  We're also encouraging any neighborhood musicians to join us.  We'll always play some polished songs, but for this setting, the informal and unexpected seems to work well.  So we'll try to keep surprising you a little every week, and requests are always welcome.  See you Sunday.   

This Wednesday, Aug 5 at 7:30: Facebook Live Event! 

The Riversdale House Museum has had to cancel their Jazz on the Lawn series this year, so instead, they've very generously partnered with us to host a Facebook Live event on the date we would have been playing our annual show out on their lawn.  So join us for a FREE virtual concert on Wednesday night.  All  you have to do is click on our facebook page at 7:30 pm ( and pretend we're all together in person, as if it were a normal year.  And while you're there, please do all the stuff people do on facebook - like us, friend us...  And if you live in Lou and Aura's neighborhood, come over to Aura's front yard to be part of our live "studio" audience.  Bring beach chairs and masks and stay distant.  Hope to see you there!

We'll be back in August... 

Band Brulee is taking off the rest of July for some socially distant non-plane travel, but we'll be back for more outdoor shows in August.  We have something interesting cooking for August 5 in particular.  Watch this space or contact us via this website for details.  Stay safe, stay distant, stay cool, and mask up!  See you in August.

Find us on the Front Porch Again: 4:00 PM on Sunday July 5 

We'll continue our series of Sunday afternoon, socially distant front yard concerts on Sunday afternoon at 4:00.  We'll play in front of 5709 33rd St (near the corner of Northampton) for about 2 hours.  We might be a trio with Andrew on bass, or it might just be the Lou and Aura Duo thing.  And there's always the chance of neighbors joining for a few songs (consider yourself invited if you sing or play something).    

Bring a chair or pull up a curb, and come prepared with your best requests.  At these front porch things, we've taken a "we'll play anything approach."  And of course, stay 6 feet apart and use masks when others are near you.  See you outside on Sunday!

Catch us on the front porch at 10:30 AM Saturday morning...  

Hi friends and neighbors, Many of you have happened upon our Sunday afternoon front yard concerts this spring as we have made the best of a season of cancelled winery and bar gigs to serenade our neighbors instead.  We've made some great new friends from safe distances, had lots of fun neighbor cameos, and really enjoyed this socially-distanced silver lining to a difficult time for so many.  

We've generally been shy to advertise as we wanted to ensure safe social distancing for all, but this weekend we're switching it up and planning to play on Saturday morning due to some other commitments (and to beat the heat/rain due later), so we wanted to let folks know. We'll play in front of 5709 33rd St (near the corner of Northampton) from around 10:30-12:30 this Saturday morning (June 27).  We'll be at least a trio with Andrew on bass, and Mike just might show up on drums.   

It would be a great time to grab a pastry from the farmer's market or a coffee from Broad Branch, bring a chair or pull up a curb, and settle in for some original music and cover favorites that range from soul to bossa to alt 80s. We'd love to see some of you there, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that the leaf blowers don't come for us! 

We'll probably return to Sunday afternoons at 4:00ish next week, but everything remains a little uncertain these days, so if you ever want to confirm before coming out, you can always contact us via this website.

New Front Porch Video: Aura and Lou play "What else can I do"  

Band Brulee is maintaining social distance like everyone else right now, but Aura and Lou have been trying not to fall into a state of musical distance.  Click here for a new video, expertly filmed by Lisa with a very steady hand on her iphone, filmed on Lou's front porch to support the Quarantunes organization.  The song is What Else Can I Do, originally written by Lou about raising kids (and girls in particular) during the past few years.  I won't get political here, but I think you know what I mean. 

Although the song wasn't written specifically for this wildly unexpected spring of 2020, the sentiments seem relevant (The key to gettin' through is just keep showin' up).  And if you're not the kind of person who listens to lyrics, hopefully you can dig the moving bassline or the sound of that 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb. 

When we've played this song for people at shows, I often get requests for a recording.  We still don't have a smooth studio recording, but hopefully, this front porch version will suffice for now, and we'll get back to the studio when we're all able to meet again in tight spaces with microphones.