Find us on the Front Porch Again: 4:00 PM on Sunday July 5 

We'll continue our series of Sunday afternoon, socially distant front yard concerts on Sunday afternoon at 4:00.  We'll play in front of 5709 33rd St (near the corner of Northampton) for about 2 hours.  We might be a trio with Andrew on bass, or it might just be the Lou and Aura Duo thing.  And there's always the chance of neighbors joining for a few songs (consider yourself invited if you sing or play something).    

Bring a chair or pull up a curb, and come prepared with your best requests.  At these front porch things, we've taken a "we'll play anything approach."  And of course, stay 6 feet apart and use masks when others are near you.  See you outside on Sunday!

Catch us on the front porch at 10:30 AM Saturday morning...  

Hi friends and neighbors, Many of you have happened upon our Sunday afternoon front yard concerts this spring as we have made the best of a season of cancelled winery and bar gigs to serenade our neighbors instead.  We've made some great new friends from safe distances, had lots of fun neighbor cameos, and really enjoyed this socially-distanced silver lining to a difficult time for so many.  

We've generally been shy to advertise as we wanted to ensure safe social distancing for all, but this weekend we're switching it up and planning to play on Saturday morning due to some other commitments (and to beat the heat/rain due later), so we wanted to let folks know. We'll play in front of 5709 33rd St (near the corner of Northampton) from around 10:30-12:30 this Saturday morning (June 27).  We'll be at least a trio with Andrew on bass, and Mike just might show up on drums.   

It would be a great time to grab a pastry from the farmer's market or a coffee from Broad Branch, bring a chair or pull up a curb, and settle in for some original music and cover favorites that range from soul to bossa to alt 80s. We'd love to see some of you there, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that the leaf blowers don't come for us! 

We'll probably return to Sunday afternoons at 4:00ish next week, but everything remains a little uncertain these days, so if you ever want to confirm before coming out, you can always contact us via this website.

New Front Porch Video: Aura and Lou play "What else can I do"  

Band Brulee is maintaining social distance like everyone else right now, but Aura and Lou have been trying not to fall into a state of musical distance.  Click here for a new video, expertly filmed by Lisa with a very steady hand on her iphone, filmed on Lou's front porch to support the Quarantunes organization.  The song is What Else Can I Do, originally written by Lou about raising kids (and girls in particular) during the past few years.  I won't get political here, but I think you know what I mean. 

Although the song wasn't written specifically for this wildly unexpected spring of 2020, the sentiments seem relevant (The key to gettin' through is just keep showin' up).  And if you're not the kind of person who listens to lyrics, hopefully you can dig the moving bassline or the sound of that 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb. 

When we've played this song for people at shows, I often get requests for a recording.  We still don't have a smooth studio recording, but hopefully, this front porch version will suffice for now, and we'll get back to the studio when we're all able to meet again in tight spaces with microphones. 

Like everything else...cancelled 

For reasons you already know, all our shows in March have been cancelled.  Right now, we're trying to stay optimistic that life and music can return to normal by late April, so April and May dates are still on our calendar.  But with each passing day, this is seeming less likely.  We'll update the website with the latest news, and we really can't wait to see everyone out in public again sometime.  Maybe we'll use some of the down time to write new songs.  Stay safe out there. 

Happy Week 52! 

It's no secret that our favorite holiday is the week of emptiness and easy parking here in DC between Christmas and New Year's, known as Week 52.  If you need help getting into the spooky romantic Week 52 spirit, you can scroll to the bottom of our music page to hear our living room recording of the Week 52 theme song.  So have fun, take some time to think about the first 51 weeks of 2019, and try not to trip over all those Christmas trees left out on the sidewalk.  We hope to see you at our two shows in the first week of January, now listed on the shows page.

Band Brulee on Danish Radio, Wed Sept 6! 

Our amazing multi-instrumentalist Johannes Langkilde will be interviewed on Danish National Radio tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday Sept 6).  He'll be playing at least one previously unreleased song from our most recent recording session, maybe two songs.  I think he'll start with "Lemonade Fridays."  So if you're in Denmark, check it out!

This Sunday, Sept 3... Goodbye (for now) to Lex 

In anticipation of the weather our event at Running Hare Vineyard has been changed from Saturday to SUNDAY (September 3) from 1-5 PM.  We hope you'll join us for a perfectly sunny afternoon.

First, the good news: Brûlée is back from summer break and will be playing SUNDAY afternoon from 1-5 PM at a brand new venue for us - the gorgeous Running Hare Vineyard in southern Maryland (150 Adelina Rd, Prince Frederick, MD), with fine wines and craft beers about an hour from DC.  Vineyard Pizza will have their wood fired ovens up and running, or pack a picnic of your favorite treats. The $10 cover charge includes a wine tasting. Bring kids if you have 'em, and we'll bring Dave Klein on sax! 

Now for the bad news: Austria has won the battle for our beloved drummer Lex (for now!), and this will be his last official gig with Brûlée for the time being. Lex founded this band with us, and we're not quite sure how to even imagine a post-Lex band (The best approach might be to simply drink a lot of Running Hare wine).  The drums will soon be in wildly capable hands (as soon as those hands heal from his summer boating accident), with the fabulous Mike Metzger planning to join us full time starting in October after some serious physical therapy.  But we will so miss Lex's irrepressible and irreplaceable genius, and he's a big part of our little family, so we hope he knows we're always here when he needs his band or his friends. 

Back to the good news, before we get teary: You can spend the SUNDAY of your Labor Day weekend with us as we celebrate the dwindling days of summer and send our drummer off with the best darn sets of music we've ever played.

Goodbye (for now) to Johannes... 

Our keyboard/harmonica player, bluescaster, and (most importantly) friend Johannes Langkilde flew back to Denmark on Sunday.  It's now impossible for us to play these songs without imagining his sly riffs, endless enthusiasm, and witty virtuosity.  We hope he'll manage to find his way back to us soon.  For now, we're so thankful that he's ben a part of the Brulee family for the past two years, and his seat in the band will always be open for him whenever he returns or passes through Washington DC.  Johannes, we hope you know how much you're missed back here!

We'll try to carry on without Johannes for two final shows before our annual summer break: Wednesday (with special guest David Klein on alto sax) at the great summer jazz series in Riverdale and Saturday down at Gemeny Winery.  See our shows page for details, and come join us.  We could use a little extra support this week...

A Brulee update after a surprisingly musical summer… 

New gigs have been announced!  Click on the shows page for details, and please come out to see us.  Now, a quick review of recent months: 

You may remember that, back in June, we predicted a 5-month musical hiatus for Brulee while we all took turns leaving the country for a while, particularly Lex who (FINALLY!) returns from Austria in mid-November.  We were wrong.  It’s actually been quite busy!  Here’s a review of a few recent events in Bruland: 

A REALLY big gig: You’ve probably heard us talking about our beloved new-ish keyboard/trumpet/harmonica player Johannes Langkilde.  Johannes tells us that he’s sort of a big deal in Denmark, and occasionally, we have to believe him.  For example, the Danish Ambassador (a great guy named Lars who can really rock a Strat through a pair of Marshall Amps) asked if Johannes could put together an R&B band for a gala at the Smithsonian Castle to celebrate a visit from the Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark.  Johannes started with the core of Brulée (Aura, Lou, Andrew, and Johannes himself) and then added a second singer, a drummer to replace Lex, and a three piece horn section.  The drummer and horn section were borrowed from the president’s own Marine band.  Seriously, Barack himself gave us his horn section for the evening.  It was a super-fancy black-tie occasion as we busted out horn-laden R&B covers for a dancing prince and princess. I got to live my dream of playing Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September" with a full horn section.

Adding to the surreal evening, the Danish Embassy flew in the princess’ favorite singer-songwriter from Denmark, a young and wildly talented guy named Mads Langer.  We got to back him up on a two songs, and it was quite a thrill, especially when he busted out an unexpected impromptu Prince cover in the middle of one of his songs.  

Recording: We finally returned to Bias Studios early in the summer start recording for our next CD (or digital download if you’re more modern than we are).  Like last time, we are working with the great Mike Monseur, an extraordinary studio engineer who is uniquely well-suited for our quirky musical style and strong personalities.  Three moments from the recording sessions stand out to me as particularly memorable: (1) When all five of us (including our new-ish keyboard player Johannes) sang back up vocals simultaneously on Week 52, (2) Mike coaching me through the rather precise ukulele work on Part-Time Island Girl, and (3) Mike telling me that my guitar solo on Irresistible was totally inappropriate and sending home to come up with a new idea. 
Some small gigs:  With Lex out of the country, we’ve focused on some smaller gigs, and it’s actually been a great experience to focus on a pared down version of our music for a while.  We played a couple of trio gigs, and Aura and I played a duo show with Andrew joining us purely on vocals (like, singing his basslines!).   And last weekend, Andrew and I played an evening of guitar-bass jazz duets at a fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Virginia.  The evening included a truly inspiring speech from Hillary Clinton’s national political director. 

Now we’re more than ready for our beloved drummer Lex to return.  So come join us for some shows this fall and winter to help welcome him back.

New shows all over...and check out Andrew's short film! 

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for our big night at Villain & Saint in Bethesda last Friday!  You really made us feel so supported, and we truly appreciate it.  Our calendar now has new shows listed in Brunswick, Takoma Park, and Downtown DC.  So CLICK HERE for dates and details. 

And CLICK HERE to check out Andrew's amazing new short film which features two Brulee songs and somehow makes a kitchen renovation feel like a truly dramatic, action-adventure, epic.  I give it two thumbs up.