Summer Vacation! 

We're off on our usual summer hiatus for lots of worldwide exploration.  This summer, the members of Brulee are fanning out to Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Italy, Austria, Spain, California, and Georgetown for tacos at Chaia.  We do have one midsummer gig though on August 8, a rare date when we're all in town.  Check the shows page for details.  And when I get back in August, I promise to update this website with lots of band photos with our gorgeous new drummer Mike Metzger, who really isn't new anymore.  i'm just really slow with the website.  Signing off until August...

Thursday May 17 at Villain & Saint in Bethesda! 

We always love our nights at Villain & Saint: Great sound system, great food, easy parking, and so conveniently locating for all our friends in the Northwest DC and Bethesda neighborhoods.  Aura and I are hoping to see some of the Lafayette community out for this one, particularly since it's a great place to bring the kids for a quick dinner with music after Arts Night.  You can hear our first few songs, and still be home for bedtime!  See you there.

Update on Winery gigs... 

We've been gearing up to get the spring music season started at Gemeny Winery on Saturday April 7, but the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating.  So Saturday's event is cancelled.  But the good news for our southern Maryland winery crowd is that better weather and other shows are just around the corner: Running Hare Vineyard on April 21, Aura and Lou in a Duo happy hour performance at Gemeny on May 4, and then the whole band at Gemeny on June 9.  Click on the shows page for details.  See you soon!

Lots of new shows just announced for the spring! 

Click here for details on 5 new shows just announced for the spring, including the return of the great Johannes Langkilde from Denmark on March 8.  At all gigs, we'll be joined by our fantastic new drummer Mike Metzger, who's just back from performing at the Super Bowl.  Seriously, you can see him in his fancy red uniform behind Pink in all those pictures of her singing the national anthem.  So start making plans to come join us.  See you there!


We've scheduled a series of shows at our favorite venues in and out of DC, so check out the shows page for details.  I always love gigs at this time of year because Aura lets me play Week 52 whenever I want (my tribute to the spooky and romantic week between Christmas and New Year's in Washington DC).  If you want to start getting into the Week 52 spirit, you can scroll to the bottom of our music page for a primitive but charming living room recording of this seasonal masterpiece. 

I'm working in Scotland this week, and on Wednesday evening, I'll be flying to Copenhagen to visit Johannes and hopefully persuade him to come back to us soon.  Apparently, he's now a best selling author in Denmark (seriously!).  So if you can read Danish, I highly recommend buying his new book and telling me what it says.

This month, we'll be working on fully integrating our great new drummer Mike Metzger who really shined at last week's gig.  We'll also be working more with David Klein on sax, and I'll be teaching our songs to a new trumpet player who'll be joining us at gigs in December.  And we have plans for recording again soon...

Thanks to all the new people who showed up at Villain & Saint on November 2.  We hope you'll come downtown to check us out at Sotto soon.


This Saturday: Band Brulee Acoustic 

Join us on Saturday, September 16 at Sotto on 14th Street (6:00 – 8:30 pm) for an acoustic version of Band Brulee.  We're sort of between drummers right now, with Lex just leaving for Austria and Mike still recovering from a broken hand.  We hope Mike will be joining us by the end of the month, but for now, this is a chance to see a quieter version of Band Brulee with no drums.  When we've played gigs in the past without drums, you can really hear how solid Andrew is on the bass.  Without drums, he gets to emphasize the percussive and rhythmic aspect of his instrument a little more, and it's quite cool to hear a little of that rockabilly upright bass slap make its way into our songs.  So come join us Saturday night - see details by clicking on the shows page.

And if you just can't wait until Saturday night, Aura and Lou will be playing a secret open rehearsal at our favorite farmer's market in Riverdale on Thursday September 14, starting around 4:00 (assuming the possible thunderstorms skip Riverdale).  I think it's still tomato season, and regardless, Rodney's ice cream is in season 12 months per year.  So come join us.

Band Brulee on Danish Radio, Wed Sept 6! 

Our amazing multi-instrumentalist Johannes Langkilde will be interviewed on Danish National Radio tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday Sept 6).  He'll be playing at least one previously unreleased song from our most recent recording session, maybe two songs.  I think he'll start with "Lemonade Fridays."  So if you're in Denmark, check it out!

This Sunday, Sept 3... Goodbye (for now) to Lex 

In anticipation of the weather our event at Running Hare Vineyard has been changed from Saturday to SUNDAY (September 3) from 1-5 PM.  We hope you'll join us for a perfectly sunny afternoon.

First, the good news: Brûlée is back from summer break and will be playing SUNDAY afternoon from 1-5 PM at a brand new venue for us - the gorgeous Running Hare Vineyard in southern Maryland (150 Adelina Rd, Prince Frederick, MD), with fine wines and craft beers about an hour from DC.  Vineyard Pizza will have their wood fired ovens up and running, or pack a picnic of your favorite treats. The $10 cover charge includes a wine tasting. Bring kids if you have 'em, and we'll bring Dave Klein on sax! 

Now for the bad news: Austria has won the battle for our beloved drummer Lex (for now!), and this will be his last official gig with Brûlée for the time being. Lex founded this band with us, and we're not quite sure how to even imagine a post-Lex band (The best approach might be to simply drink a lot of Running Hare wine).  The drums will soon be in wildly capable hands (as soon as those hands heal from his summer boating accident), with the fabulous Mike Metzger planning to join us full time starting in October after some serious physical therapy.  But we will so miss Lex's irrepressible and irreplaceable genius, and he's a big part of our little family, so we hope he knows we're always here when he needs his band or his friends. 

Back to the good news, before we get teary: You can spend the SUNDAY of your Labor Day weekend with us as we celebrate the dwindling days of summer and send our drummer off with the best darn sets of music we've ever played.

2017 Summer Break... 

As our longtime listeners know, this band likes to travel.  Since most of us travel with at least one kid these days, we're tied to the school calendar, which means we usually hit the road for summer break.  For the next two months, Brulee will be gathering information for new songs from California, New Mexico, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Austria, Kenya, Vermont, and Rock Creek Park.  We already have lots of shows scheduled starting in September, so watch the shows page for details.  And we'll continue to work on recording and mixing during our stops back in DC, so maybe we'll have a new CD to share by the end of the year.  Enjoy your own summer adventures, and we'll see you in September!

Goodbye (for now) to Johannes... 

Our keyboard/harmonica player, bluescaster, and (most importantly) friend Johannes Langkilde flew back to Denmark on Sunday.  It's now impossible for us to play these songs without imagining his sly riffs, endless enthusiasm, and witty virtuosity.  We hope he'll manage to find his way back to us soon.  For now, we're so thankful that he's ben a part of the Brulee family for the past two years, and his seat in the band will always be open for him whenever he returns or passes through Washington DC.  Johannes, we hope you know how much you're missed back here!

We'll try to carry on without Johannes for two final shows before our annual summer break: Wednesday (with special guest David Klein on alto sax) at the great summer jazz series in Riverdale and Saturday down at Gemeny Winery.  See our shows page for details, and come join us.  We could use a little extra support this week...