Just your average jazz-infused, Americana-marinated, alt-pop band from Washington DC

Sunday March 21 at 4:00: Back on the front Porch! 

It looks like we'll be having another good Sunday afternoon: Sunny, low 60s, and no wind to blow everything off my music stand.  So we want to get out and play!  We’ll be back in our usual spot on the 5700 block of 33rd St.     

We’ll be starting at 4:00 PM.  It should be around 63 degrees.  

This time it will just be Lou and Aura, plus any neighborhood special guest brave enough to make some noise with us.  We'll be trying to get the full band out some other time soon.

See you Sunday I hope. 

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The first Brûlée CD 
"To a Crisp"

The first Brûlée CD "To a Crisp"