This Sunday, Sept 3... Goodbye (for now) to Lex

In anticipation of the weather our event at Running Hare Vineyard has been changed from Saturday to SUNDAY (September 3) from 1-5 PM.  We hope you'll join us for a perfectly sunny afternoon.

First, the good news: Brûlée is back from summer break and will be playing SUNDAY afternoon from 1-5 PM at a brand new venue for us - the gorgeous Running Hare Vineyard in southern Maryland (150 Adelina Rd, Prince Frederick, MD), with fine wines and craft beers about an hour from DC.  Vineyard Pizza will have their wood fired ovens up and running, or pack a picnic of your favorite treats. The $10 cover charge includes a wine tasting. Bring kids if you have 'em, and we'll bring Dave Klein on sax! 

Now for the bad news: Austria has won the battle for our beloved drummer Lex (for now!), and this will be his last official gig with Brûlée for the time being. Lex founded this band with us, and we're not quite sure how to even imagine a post-Lex band (The best approach might be to simply drink a lot of Running Hare wine).  The drums will soon be in wildly capable hands (as soon as those hands heal from his summer boating accident), with the fabulous Mike Metzger planning to join us full time starting in October after some serious physical therapy.  But we will so miss Lex's irrepressible and irreplaceable genius, and he's a big part of our little family, so we hope he knows we're always here when he needs his band or his friends. 

Back to the good news, before we get teary: You can spend the SUNDAY of your Labor Day weekend with us as we celebrate the dwindling days of summer and send our drummer off with the best darn sets of music we've ever played.