Get reservations now for Saturday, Jan 28 at In Bocca Al Lupo in Glover Park (7:00 to 10:00)! 

The great people behind the Chevy Chase Italian favorite I'm Eddie Cano, have opened a great new restaurant in Glover Park, not far from the National Cathedral (2400 Wisconsin Ave, NW; 202-750-7939).  CLICK HERE to make a reservation and ensure that you don't have to wait for a table.  If you want to be sure you have a table for the early set at 7:00, you'll need to make a 6:30 reservation.  For the later sets, you can make reservations at 7:45 or later.  Walk-ins are welcome anytime, but you might have to wait for a table.

As you can see from this article, they are serious about their Roman-style pizza.  Lou has personally tried it, and he fully approves.  In addition to pizza, there's a wide range of Italian specialties, and a few of the neighborhood favorites have been brought down from Chevy Chase (like the addictive fried zucchini).  Best of all, they have built a little stage, and they are starting to host local music!  Aura, Lou, and Andrew will all be there.  It's a small stage in a small room, so we'll probably do this one without drums.  Watch this space for news on any other band members.  We're hoping Franklin might be back on trumpet (He came over for some practice recently, and he sounded as great as ever).  

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