Two surprises this week: Thursday at Bocca and our last show at Romano on Saturday

On Thursday, April 27 starting at 6:30, Aura and Lou will be playing as a vocal/guitar duo at In Bocca Al Lupo in Glover Park, not far from the National Cathedral.  We've played there on two Saturdays so far as a full band, but this will be our first time in that room as a quieter duo.  We have tons of original and cover tunes we never play with the full band, built up from many months of duo gigs in Aura’s front yard during the height of lockdown — our neighborhood friends will find this a nostalgic treat, and we love a chance to distill our tunes down to pure vocals and guitar.  And as you can see from this article, our friends at Bocca are serious about their Roman-style pizza and offer a wide range of Italian specialties.  We really respect the efforts Bocca is making to support local music, and we've heard that Thursdays tend not to be as crowded as Saturday nights, so we'd love to help bring a crowd out for the good people at Bocca.

And for something a little sentimental, we just learned that Romano Vineyard & Winery is closing soon, so this Saturday April 29 (2:00-5:00) will be our last time there.  Come join us for a goodbye to owners Joseph and Jo-Ann who are retiring at the end of June.  And don't worry about rain.  If it rains (which it probably will), they have a nice cozy room in back with lots of wine and music to keep you warm.  This little Napa Valley style oasis will really be missed.

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