Sunday afternoon at 2:30 on the front porch!

The only thing I miss about 2020 is the Sunday afternoon music out in our neighborhood.  This coming Sunday afternoon is predicted to be 75 degrees, which seems perfect for outdoor music! So come join us back in our usual spot on the 5700 block of 33rd St NW.      

We’ll be starting at 2:30 PM and probably playing for around 90 minutes.  Maybe more.  

This time, we’ll be a trio with Aura singing, Lou playing guitar, and our new friend Franklin Wade on trumpet!  We met Franklin last November, and he’s joined us at almost every show since then.  We played at a winery a few weeks ago as a small trio like this, and I really loved it.  We're so excited to bring Franklin to our neighborhood!  You can learn more about him here: 

See you Sunday I hope.