Catch us on the front porch at 10:30 AM Saturday morning...

Hi friends and neighbors, Many of you have happened upon our Sunday afternoon front yard concerts this spring as we have made the best of a season of cancelled winery and bar gigs to serenade our neighbors instead.  We've made some great new friends from safe distances, had lots of fun neighbor cameos, and really enjoyed this socially-distanced silver lining to a difficult time for so many.  

We've generally been shy to advertise as we wanted to ensure safe social distancing for all, but this weekend we're switching it up and planning to play on Saturday morning due to some other commitments (and to beat the heat/rain due later), so we wanted to let folks know. We'll play in front of 5709 33rd St (near the corner of Northampton) from around 10:30-12:30 this Saturday morning (June 27).  We'll be at least a trio with Andrew on bass, and Mike just might show up on drums.   

It would be a great time to grab a pastry from the farmer's market or a coffee from Broad Branch, bring a chair or pull up a curb, and settle in for some original music and cover favorites that range from soul to bossa to alt 80s. We'd love to see some of you there, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that the leaf blowers don't come for us! 

We'll probably return to Sunday afternoons at 4:00ish next week, but everything remains a little uncertain these days, so if you ever want to confirm before coming out, you can always contact us via this website.

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