Saturday, December 3: Happy Go Bikes in Chevy Chase DC (4:00 pm)

We’ll be playing Saturday afternoon as part of the Spark Art Fest and Small Business Party on our little stretch of Connecticut Ave.  We’ll be taking over my favorite bike store in the universe: Happy Go (5516 Connecticut Ave NW).  On my visits for bike repairs, I’ve told the owner Ben that he has great acoustics in his small space, and I’d love to hear what my guitar sounds like bouncing off the walls and high ceiling.  So when he called a couple of days ago to ask if we could do this, I quickly said yes.  Aura, Andrew, and I will be playing this one as a trio.  

Ben says there will be some sort of refreshments, but the details are still mysterious (he’s mentioned hot drinks and champaign, among other ideas that may or may not happen).  There will be some benches set up, but if you want to be sure you can sit and be comfortable, Ben recommends bringing your own lawn chairs or something like that.  I’m hoping this will feel a lot like our front lawn neighborhood shows - very casual, and we're open to requests and neighborhood guests.  We'll start at 4:00 and play for at least an hour, maybe longer if we're having fun.  It would be great if some of you could come join us.

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