Just your average jazz-infused, Americana-marinated, alt-pop band from Washington DC

Tuesday, May 3: Top-secret party in Riverdale... 

Aura and Lou will be playing from 6:00-8:00 at the 2-year anniversary party tonight at 2Fifty, the highly acclaimed barbecue place in Riverdale.  They were named best barbecue in the DC area by the Washington Post this year, so they're sort of a big deal.  It's a private party with lots of local culinary luminaries, but if one of our Riverdale area friends shows up early, maybe you can sneak in by carrying one of Lou's guitars...  

Next public gig is Saturday May 14 down at Romano Winery.  Come join us!

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The first Brûlée CD 
"To a Crisp"

The first Brûlée CD "To a Crisp"