One more show in 2014... and two unreleased songs posted on the site!

On Sunday, we'll have our last show of the year (Wonderland at 9:00 p.m.).  December seems to bring out the most free-wheelin' side of Brulee, so you can expect a few unrehearsed seasonal tunes that would be completely inappropriate in any other month ("Last Christmas" maybe?). 

This is also the time of year I can convince Aura to sing two of my favorite Brulee originals: (1) Week 52, which is about the spooky romantic vibe of Washington DC during the last week of the year when almost everyone seems to be somewhere else.  (2) January, which is about a Sunday in January several years ago when everything seemed particularly new.

Click on the "music" page, and scroll to the bottom to hear unreleased, unpolished, and hopefully charming versions of both songs.