Lou on the disabled list until September 17 at Wind Ridge Winery...

Just when live music was starting to come back, I had to mess it all up.  I have a long history of broken bones, and now I have a new one to add to the list.  I broke my thumb last night.  I was in denial until about two hours ago when the very kind Dr. Solomon at Montgomery orthopedics showed me the x-ray with a small bone chip.  It’s a relatively minor injury, but to make sure it heals right, I have to stay away from the guitar for at least 10 days.  Dr. Solomon says I should be ready for full activity in about three weeks. 

So we have canceled the early September dates that were previously on the calendar.  Right now, I expect the shows on September 17 and 25 to proceed as planned, although I will likely be comically out of practice. 

I won’t be able to ride a bike during this time either because I can’t hold the handle bars and shift gears.  Also, I can’t really write with a pen.  So I’m going to need to find some new ways to occupy my time. 

My broken bones never seem to arise from situations where one would expect any actual danger.  This is the second bone I’ve broken without leaving the comfort of my own bedroom.  Some of you may know our song called Plan B (with the chorus “I didn’t see that comin’ at me…”).  I think it’s the only song I’ve written about my predilection for unexpected pointless injuries.  When I can play guitar and hold a pen again, I may dive deeper into this topic. 

Anyway, September 17 should be a great night. Wind Ridge Winery is lovely at sunset, and we will be very ready to play again.  I recently bought a new amp (well, not really new, but it's new to me… a 1962 Brown Fender Super), and I’m really looking forward to trying it out.  See you then I hope.