Brulee vs. the Superbowl: This Sunday Feb 1!

We're not exactly a band with much expertise in professional sports (or nonprofessional sports).  So none of us realized that we would be going up against the Superbowl when we booked this Sunday night's show at Wonderland.  I've never actually…

First 2015 shows announced!

So click on the shows page for details, and come join us for another night at Wonderland on Sunday Feb 1. 

And we'll be playing a great new spot north of DC in March. 

Happy New Year from Brulee!

We've already booked a lot of shows for 2015, so sign up on the email list if you want to hear about them.  We'll post details soon. 

It's no secret that our favorite time of year is Week 52.  If…

Tonight! Opening for a Grammy-nominee...

There's still time to RSVP for our house concert tonight (Friday) night, November 21, at 7 PM -- it'll be a great night of music featuring both Brulee and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Alastair Moock. We'll be in a beautiful space…

Next Stop Wonderland!

We've been playing occasional Thursday nights at the upstairs room at Wonderland in Columbia Heights for years.  It's one of those dark rock clubs that feels and smells almost exactly like the Hollywood clubs we used to sneak off to…

Welcome to our new website!

Thanks to our friend and hero Javi, we now have a new website!  We'll do our best to keep it updated with news, unreleased songs, and blog posts.  I'm not really sure what's supposed to go in a blog post…