One last weekend before Brulee’s summer break!

In a few weeks, we’ll be going our separate ways for summer travel that will take band members to Scotland, California, Tonga, New Zealand, Austria, Japan, Denmark, and Alaska.  So this weekend is one last chance to gather for music while we’re all in the same time zone.  Tonight should be a great First Friday event in Hyattsville, just 5 minutes outside of DC.  And tomorrow, we’ll be in our home away from up near Frederick.  Check out the shows link above for details. 

Our great new multi-instrumentalist Johannes “Bluescaster” Langkilde will be joining us on piano, trumpet, and harmonica.  And we’ll be practicing some new original songs in preparation for an upcoming recording session that we’re squeezing into the schedule before the travel begins.  And at rehearsal, we spent some time learning a song by the Pet Shop Boys (seriously) and the Danish National Anthem (in preparation for a Danish Embassy performance next week).  So this should be a great Brulee pre-summer blowout. 

And over the summer, I’ll be updating this website with lots of new photos and videos, plus live, studio, and home recordings.  So keep checking back.  And we’ll have more shows scheduled in the fall.  I promise.

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