We've scheduled a series of shows at our favorite venues in and out of DC, so check out the shows page for details.  I always love gigs at this time of year because Aura lets me play Week 52 whenever I want (my tribute to the spooky and romantic week between Christmas and New Year's in Washington DC).  If you want to start getting into the Week 52 spirit, you can scroll to the bottom of our music page for a primitive but charming living room recording of this seasonal masterpiece. 

I'm working in Scotland this week, and on Wednesday evening, I'll be flying to Copenhagen to visit Johannes and hopefully persuade him to come back to us soon.  Apparently, he's now a best selling author in Denmark (seriously!).  So if you can read Danish, I highly recommend buying his new book and telling me what it says.

This month, we'll be working on fully integrating our great new drummer Mike Metzger who really shined at last week's gig.  We'll also be working more with David Klein on sax, and I'll be teaching our songs to a new trumpet player who'll be joining us at gigs in December.  And we have plans for recording again soon...

Thanks to all the new people who showed up at Villain & Saint on November 2.  We hope you'll come downtown to check us out at Sotto soon.


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