Plan Ahead: Sept 5 at Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda...

We've been in summer hibernation for the past couple of months (except for that truly amazing sunset show on the lawn at the Riversdale House Museum which reminded me why I started playing guitar in the first place - Thanks to all of you who come out for us every year!).  The good news is that we're ready to go with lots of music in the Fall, starting Thursday, Sept 5 at Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda.  We also have recording plans over the next two months, so maybe that second CD people keep asking about (with "Lemonade Fridays" of course) will finally become a reality.

And for those of you come to our open rehearsal/hootenanny afternoons at the Riverdale Market, you can find us there on August 29 and October 10.  We'll try to get Miles to join us for a blues explosion.  And if you tell me you read about it here, I'll buy you one of Rudy's ginger cookies.

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