Happy New Year from Brulee!

We've already booked a lot of shows for 2015, so sign up on the email list if you want to hear about them.  We'll post details soon. 

It's no secret that our favorite time of year is Week 52.  If you need inspiration for the spooky, romantic, final week of the year when everyone seems to leave Washington DC, check out the living room recording of the week 52 theme song at the bottom of our "music" page.  We celebrated week 52 by parking effortlessly in Adams Morgan last night.  There were three open spaces on the street right in front of Mintwood Place, which would be unthinkable in weeks 1 to 51.

If you've been to our shows, there's a good chance you've heard us play a song written by Scott Saul (either "But Unresolved" or "Ingenious").  You might be surprised to hear that he doesn't just sit around writing bossa nova tunes all day.  Scott's new biography of Richard Pryor was released this month to great national acclaim, including articles in Time Magazine and the New York Times as well as interviews on Fresh Air and MSNBC.  So check out "Becoming Richard Pryor" (www.becomingrichardpryor.com).  And now that the book's published, we're really hoping he can get back to the important work of writing songs that make us feel like we're on a beach in Rio.

Hope to see you in the new year.  Happy week 52!

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