Brulee vs. the Superbowl: This Sunday Feb 1!

We're not exactly a band with much expertise in professional sports (or nonprofessional sports).  So none of us realized that we would be going up against the Superbowl when we booked this Sunday night's show at Wonderland.  I've never actually watched a Superbowl, but I've heard that a lot of people seem to spend the night somewhere near a TV instead of out seeing their favorite jazz-pop-Americana band.  Still, I'm confident that our listeners will choose us over football.  So come join us for a night of Superbowl denial.  And to help us battle the Superbowl, I've recruited a potential new trumpet player who will likely show up since he seems to prefer a team that isn't playing.  See you there.

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  • Andrew
    Andrew UP
    What, we're playing this weekend?

    What, we're playing this weekend?

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