Plan Ahead: Sept 5 at Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda... 

We've been in summer hibernation for the past couple of months (except for that truly amazing sunset show on the lawn at the Riversdale House Museum which reminded me why I started playing guitar in the first place - Thanks to all of you who come out for us every year!).  The good news is that we're ready to go with lots of music in the Fall, starting Thursday, Sept 5 at Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda.  We also have recording plans over the next two months, so maybe that second CD people keep asking about (with "Lemonade Fridays" of course) will finally become a reality.

And for those of you come to our open rehearsal/hootenanny afternoons at the Riverdale Market, you can find us there on August 29 and October 10.  We'll try to get Miles to join us for a blues explosion.  And if you tell me you read about it here, I'll buy you one of Rudy's ginger cookies.

Only one summer show: This Wednesday July 10 in Riverdale!  

Continuing our favorite summer tradition, we'll be playing at the Jazz on the Lawn series at the Riversdale House Museum (4811 Riverdale Rd, Riverdale Park MD).  We start at 7:00 sharp, and we only play for one hour, so don't be late!  Come join us for this annual summer tradition.  We'll be playing on the huge grassy field with lots of shade trees on one side.  It looks we'll have lots of sun with no chance of rain, but if it rains, come anyway because they'll just move the show to an alternate indoor space. Bring lawn chairs or a blanket and your favorite picnic dinner.  And bring the kids!  It's totally family friendly.  And don't worry, we'll be getting back to a full schedule of music with regular gigs in the fall...

One last night with Brulee before summer...Saturday May 4 in Silver Spring 

We first connected with El Golfo when they catered Andrew's birthday back in January, and we had our first gig there two months ago.  It's a really great place to spend a Saturday night.  Nice Mexican (and other Latin American) food, margueritas, and music from us.  We really loved our night there in March - a great listening crowd in an intimate room.  And parking was easy!  After this, we'll be taking a couple of months off for all sorts of personal stuff.  So come join us for this one if you can.

Looks like great weather for Saturday at Gemeny Winery! 

This Saturday, April 6 from 6-9 PM, we'll be back at our favorite haunt in southern PG county, Gemeny Winery and Vineyards, in Brandywine, MD. They'll have Myra's New Orleans food truck on site, and of course plenty of wine! 

Gemeny is at 8606 Cedarville Rd, Brandywine, MD, and can be reached at (301) 442-4670. This lovely, lively place is less than an hour from DC, full of fantastic folks, and perfect for rain or shine with an indoor area opening out to a patio. The winery asks that you leave the kids at home for this one, but we're bringing our youthful drummer Mike anyway.  

We hope to see you this Saturday evening! 
Band Brûlée 

Early 2019 in the studio... 

Sorry we haven't been seen in public so far this year.  We've been hiding in Mike's studio working on recording new songs.  For much of February, I'll be off in far flung island locations trying to conjure new song ideas, but we have lots of shows planned for March.  I'll add them to the shows page soon.  And in the meantime, check out our photos page for all the recently added pictures.


Get your tickets now for Wed, Dec 5 at Twins Jazz on U Street! 

We're really excited about playing at this iconic Washington DC jazz spot!  Our very own Saxophone Colossus Tom Anderson (who you can hear on our CD) will be joining us for the occasion.  It makes us look great if people buy advance tickets (which are thankfully cheap), so please get yours today!  Here are the links for the 8:00 and 10:00 sets.   Twins is a jazz club with Jamaican & Ethiopian-focused fare in an arty, red-walled room, and it plays a key role in Band Brulee history because it's where Lex met his wife!  So show up because you never know what life changing event may occur...

Saturday: Back at our winery with a special guest... 

This Saturday, August 25 from 5-8 PM we'll be back at our favorite haunt in southern PG county, Gemeny Winery and Vineyards, in Brandywine, MD.  Our singer Aura needs to dash off around 7:00 to catch a flight to Bangkok (alas, we won't play One Night In Bangkok no matter how nicely you ask!), but this is good news for blues fans as special guest Miles Spicer will take over the mic after 7 to send you home with a case of the Piedmont blues, and he'll be backed up by the boys of Brulee. Come early, stay late, and enjoy some great wine and dinner from Mr.T's Bustaraunt food truck! 

Gemeny is at 8606 Cedarville Rd, Brandywine, MD, and can be reached at (301) 442-4670. This lovely, lively place is less than an hour from DC, full of fantastic folks, and perfect for rain or shine with an indoor area opening out to a patio - something for everyone. .

Summer Vacation! 

We're off on our usual summer hiatus for lots of worldwide exploration.  This summer, the members of Brulee are fanning out to Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Italy, Austria, Spain, California, and Georgetown for tacos at Chaia.  We do have one midsummer gig though on August 8, a rare date when we're all in town.  Check the shows page for details.  And when I get back in August, I promise to update this website with lots of band photos with our gorgeous new drummer Mike Metzger, who really isn't new anymore.  i'm just really slow with the website.  Signing off until August...